Embattled NTU president confirms that he will step down

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-04-23

The president of Taiwan’s top university has confirmed that he will step down once his

National Taiwan University President Yang Pan-chyr – who has been entangled in a high-profile academic fraud scandal – on Sunday reiterated his plans to resign at the end of his term in June. (CNA photo)

term expires on June 21. The president – National Taiwan University’s Yang Pan-chyr – has been entangled in a high-profile academic fraud scandal.

At an impromptu university meeting on Sunday, Yang reiterated his pledge to step down at the end of his term. He also said he hoped that a vote on the matter would not be held at the meeting. Yang then left the meeting under the pretext of avoiding a conflict of interest. Those present then applauded to show their support for a resolution to activate the selection of a new university president.

University rules state that a new president must be selected within seven months of a president leaving office. The selection is likely to take place on January 21.

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