Embrace curiosity and compassion in dealing with others: Lung

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/11/06
By: Sabine Cheng and Kuo Chung-han

Taipei, Nov. 6 (CNA) Writer Lung Ying-tai (龍應台) suggested that young people in Taiwan and mainland 201611060014t0001China need humble hearts and open minds to better understand each other, at a forum in Taipei on Sunday.

Asked her opinion on Taiwanese actor Leon Dai (戴立忍) being dropped from a Chinese film after his political opinions attracted the ire of Chinese netizens earlier this year, Lung said that what was most likely to bring the people of Taiwan and China together was not political deals or military occupation, but rather cultural communication.

Lung said she hoped Chinese leaders would recognize the importance of culture and become more confident culturally and hoped Taiwanese leaders would be wiser. Failure to do so could have disastrous results for both sides, she said.

About 500 people attended the meet-and-greet, titled “Literature, Ask Me Anything,” in Zhongshan Hall organized by a publishing company, the first direct encounter Lung, minister of culture from 2012-2014, has had with readers in four years. About half of the audience were visitors from mainland China, according to a local newspaper report.    [FULL  STORY]

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