EPA launches adopt-a-beach plan in Taiwan

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-04-10

The Environmental Protection Administration is launching a new campaign to bring

Cleaning up a beach in Penghu (CNA)

together private companies, groups, and individuals to help clean up Taiwan’s beaches.

One of Taiwan’s biggest scenic resources as an island is its beaches.

The agency has divided up the nation’s coastline into 1,244 sections, and is encouraging people to adopt and maintain them.

EPA Minister Lee Ying-yuan said Monday that a number of high-profile companies have already adopted 341 sections of beach, including TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.), ASUS, and Cathay Financial Holdings. That’s about 347 km, just under a quarter of the total coastline. Lee encouraged people to adopt beaches in rural areas, highlighting Taitung County in particular, which has the longest coastline but the smallest population on the main island of Taiwan.    [FULL  STORY]

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