Establishment of full-time Government CIO in Taiwan is indispensable and urgent

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/06/12
By: Cli Square, Taiwan News, Contributing Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)–A group of enterprise executives, legislators, scholars, professors and civil

(By Taiwan News)

group representatives held a press conference in Taipei on June 9 to urge the government to speed up the passage of four bills related to the establishment of a Cabinet-level “Government Chief Information Officer (CIO)” position that will ensure that coordinated and inter-ministerial construction of information infrastructure will not be interrupted by personnel changes.

The attendees of the press conference includes I-Mei Foods CEO Luis Ko (高志明), Legislator Karen Yu (余宛如) , members of more than 100 professors who signed a petition calling on passage of the bills, and members of a civil group whose mission is to promote legislation of information bills.

In October 2012, a mission-oriented “Government CIO” position held concurrently by a deputy minister was established to serve many purposes pertaining to government information, including serving as the coordinator of the central government’s inter-ministerial information development, serving as the contact person regarding government information issues, formulating more clear-cut e-services directions for different ministries, and avoiding waste of resources by cutting down redundant information system establishments among ministries.    [FULL  STORY]

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