Ethnic and Outdoor Fashion Brand Brings Unique (Life)style to Taiwan

Hsin Fan and Kenji Doi, founders of Saibaba Ethnique. Photo Credit: Beyonder Times

The News Lens
Date: 2016/12/07
By: Beyonder Times

Through the past eighteen years, Kenji Doi and Hsin Fan have continued to do and learn, observing the market trends and adjusting their business strategy.

If you are an ethnic fashion addict or an outdoor lover in Taipei, you are very likely to have heard of the brand, Saibaba Ethnique. Featuring ethnic style apparel and accessories, as well as outdoor gear and clothing, Saibaba has four retail stores in Taipei, which attract customers’ eyes with their colorful ethnic-style decoration. “We always try our best to provide unique products to our customers and avoid price competition,” said Kenji Doi, who founded Saibaba with his Taiwanese friend (now his wife) Hsin Fan eighteen years ago.

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