European vertical and aerial dancers grace Taichung

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 28 October, 2019
By: Natalie Tso

Vertical dancers from Barcelona, Spain(photo by CSR Taiwan)

Vertical dancers from Barcelona, Spain(photo by CSR Taiwan)[/caption] When you think of ballerinas, you probably imagine them dancing on a stage. But a free performance this past weekend in Taichung, central Taiwan, saw ballerinas dancing in the air.

Two ballerinas dressed in black are suspended above the crowd. They’re dancing off the side of a high-rise building. These are vertical dancers from Barcelona, Spain, treating Taichung City to a free performance on Friday and Sunday.

The Spanish vertical dance troupe also performed at the Lantern Festival in Chiayi in 2018. They combine modern dance and art to present an innovative style of aerial dance. Last Friday, they danced on the face of a building, 20 meters off the ground.

When a reporter asked people if they’d ever seen people dance off walls, one woman said never.  She was intrigued.  Another person said that watching dancers perform in mid-air is a rare sight in Taiwan and he’d love to see it.    [FULL  STORY]

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