Ex-army officer convicted of adultery in Taichung

Taipei Times
Date: Oct 05, 2015
By: Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter

The Taichung District Court has found retired army Major Lu Chang-yang (呂長陽), who used to work for the Military Intelligence Bureau (MIB), guilty of adultery and ordered him and his girlfriend to pay damages to his ex-wife.

Lu and his ex-wife, surnamed Tseng (曾), were married in 2008. However, during the course of his work, Lu got to know a woman, surnamed Sun (孫), who was in the insurance business, and they began an affair.

The bureau in 2013 sent him to Penang, Malaysia, on assignment. He returned to Taiwan in June last year, and shortly thereafter filed for divorce, citing differences in family values.

After the divorce was finalized, Sun and Lu began living together.

Tseng said she only found out about Lu’s affair with Sun after the divorce. She said that she discovered that in September 2013 Sun began making monthly trips to Penang, staying for four to seven days each time, and that Sun and her husband had sex in his office as well as his apartment in Penang.

She reported the affair to the bureau. She also sued Lu for adultery, asking for NT$2 million (US$60,750) in damages.     [FULL  STORY]

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