Farmers in Miaoli form dragon boat pattern in rice paddies

Radio Taiwan International 
Date: 03 June, 2019
By: Jake Chen

Farmers in Miaoli form dragon boat pattern in rice paddies. (CNA Photo)

The upcoming Dragon Boat Festival brings to mind a number of traditional activities, including dragon boat races and eating Zongzi, or pyramid-shaped rice dumplings. Farmers in northwest Taiwan have found a creative way to add to the festive atmosphere.

A rice paddy in Miaoli County, northern Taiwan, shows the pattern of a dragon boat carrying zongzi, the rice dumplings which are commonly eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival.

In order to create the complex patterns in the fields, local farmers planted four different types of rice with green, yellow, white, and purple leaves. With careful planning, the farmers were able to plant the rice to create a giant picture of a dragon boat, complete with vivid details, such as eyes and horns.    [FULL  STORY]

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