FEATURE: Taiwan Stray Dog Adoption Languishing as Shelters Overflow

Taiwan’s new ban on euthanizing stray dogs will lead to more dogs left on the streets if adoption rates don’t pick up, animal welfare workers fear.

The News Lens
Date: 2017/04/07
By: Rosemary Chen

There are signs that animal shelters are struggling to keep up with the number of stray

Photo Credit: Unsplash, PixabayCC0 public domain

dogs in Taiwan, just months after the government banned the euthanasia of animals at its shelters.

Animal shelters have experienced an influx of animals since the “no kill” policy was introduced on Feb.4, and more dogs are being left on the street, says Zhang Hui-min (張慧敏), founder of New Taipei City New Life Pet Shelter Association.

“I have noticed more dogs in the shelters so I often adopt more than I intend to because the environment is so horrible in there. I cannot leave them inside only to die from a disease,” Zhang says.    [FULL  STORY]

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