FEATURE: Taiwan’s first photo academic memorialized

FACEBOOK PAGE: Peng Jui-lin returned to the nation, even though a great career awaited him abroad, to fulfill a promise to his soon-to-be wife

Taipei Times
Date: Sep 06, 2020
By: Dennis Xie / Staff writer, with CNA

FEATURE: Taiwan’s first photo academic memorialized

To share stories about Peng Jui-lin (彭瑞麟), best known for being the first Taiwanese to hold a bachelor’s degree in photography, his granddaughter, Peng Ya-lun (彭雅倫), has established a Facebook page titled “Peng Jui-lin and our times” (彭瑞麟與我們的時代).

“I had this sudden realization that we, the living, must do something to remember our ancestors, considering the great endeavors some of them have made during their lifetime,” she said.

Peng Ya-lun was only two years old when Peng Jui-lin passed away, and she said the idea of sharing his story with the public came after the death of her mother.

Born in 1904 during the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945), Peng Jui-lin grew up in Erchongpu (二重埔), a farming village in Hsinchu County’s Jhudong Township (竹東).

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