Firefighter’s case reaches Council of Grand Justices

Taipei Times
Date: Aug 15, 2017
By: Abraham Gerber / Staff reporter

Former Kaohsiung firefighter and labor rights advocate Hsu Kuo-yao’s (徐國堯)

Firefighter’s case reaches Council of Grand Justices

case has reached the Council of Grand Justices, Hsu said yesterday, setting the stage for a possible ruling that might have implications on how the government deals with labor movements in the public sector.

In 2014, Hsu was dismissed from the Kaohsiung City Fire Department shortly after organizing a labor rights march. He was previously given 43 demerits over three months for violations including serving as an administrator at the National Association for Firefighters’ Rights and damaging the department’s image by speaking to the media.

After his firing, Hsu filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn his dismissal.

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