First Person: Type-A dad kicks back with kin in Taiwan

The Columbus Dispatch
Date: October 6, 2018

A few months ago, I flew to eastern Asia to enjoy some dad time with my daughter Annie, who was working at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital system in Taiwan.

Annie is in her second year in the Global Health Studies master’s program at the School Up North, where a professor had arranged the opportunity for her.

For me, the two-week trip provided an early taste of what retirement could be like.

“Retirement” started out bumpy when I became stranded for 16 hours in a South Korean airport as a typhoon threatened Taiwan.

Fortunately, South Koreans know the meaning of hospitality. They provided an airport “nap room” consisting of many luxurious lounge chairs for sleeping, plus modern (and free) shower facilities.

The next day, with the weather having calmed down, I flew to the Taipei International Airport, where Annie greeted me with a sweet handmade sign and a huge hug. We took a high-speed rail line and then a bus to her apartment in the retirement village where she was living, just outside the capital of Taipei.

Annie introduced me to Kevin, the director at the retirement village, who promptly exemplified the kindness and generosity that I would routinely enjoy in Taiwan. That first night, Kevin picked Annie and me up at the village and — along with his family — treated us to a phenomenal family-style dinner at an Indian restaurant.    [FULL  STORY]

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