Flu Vaccines to Run Out by End of Month

ICRT Radio News
Date: 2018-12-15

Officials say government-subsidized flu vaccines could run out by the end of
the month.

The Centers for Disease Control say several incidents of abnormalities in the
vaccines have caused supplies to become limited this year.

The CDC says there are currently 200-thousand doses of the shots for those
over 3 years of age, and those who still haven’t been innoculated may have to
wait until the middle of January next year for the next round of supplies.

For children under 3, 75-thousand doses are left, and supplies are expected
to last until the end of January.

The CDC says government data indicates that most elementary and middle school
students have received their vaccinations, but high school students in 8
cities and counties will have to go without for now.    [SOURCE]

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