Fold side mirrors in to protect birds: forest office

Focus Taiwan
Dated: 2016/05/22
By: Hsiao Po-yang and Kay Liu

Taipei, May 22 (CNA) The Nantou Forest District Office urged visitors to the Aowanda

(Photo courtesy of the Nantou Forest District Office)

(Photo courtesy of the Nantou Forest District Office)

National Forest Recreation Area to fold in the side-view mirrors on their cars to protect local birds in breeding season.

The appeal announced on Sunday was made after volunteers working in the area in Nantou County noticed a gray-chinned minivet attacking its image in a mirror, mistaking itself for another bird.

The forest district office said mountain birds like the gray-chinned minivet are very sensitive to changes in the environment and some of them are very territorial, especially during breeding season, which is currently underway.

The office also reminded bird watchers not to get too close to bird nests, which could cause adult birds to desert their nests with the chicks still inside.     [SOURCE]

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