Former judge’s claim on corruption sparks debate

EVIDENCE DEMANDED:An online letter has triggered calls for Chang Ching to back up his claims and for him to quit a Presidential Office judicial reform subcommittee

Taipei Times
Date: Mar 01, 2017
By: Jason Pan / Staff reporter

A claim by Taiwan Jury Association chairman Chang Ching (張靜) that up to 10 percent of the nation’s judiciary are corrupt has triggered angry condemnations from the Judicial Yuan, the Ministry of Justice and the Taiwan Bar Association, while sparking widespread debate.

Chang, a former prosecutor and judge, wrote in a letter published on Saturday by Up Media, an online platform, that between 5 and 10 percent of judges and prosecutors had accepted bribes, and insinuated that rulings have been influenced by corruption.

The Judicial Yuan, the ministry and the bar association all issued statements protesting Chang’s remarks, demanding that he provide evidence to support his claims and calling on him to resign as a member of one of the Presidential Office’s preparatory committee for judicial reform’s subcommittees.

Chang on Monday said that corruption has harmed the judicial system and he knew firsthand of the problem because of his many decades working inside the system.

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