Formosa Petrochemical hiking fuel prices next week

The China News
Date: March 13, 2016

TAIPEI — Formosa Petrochemical Corp. (台塑石化), a private gasoline supplier in Taiwan, on Saturday announced a NT$0.9 (US$0.027) per liter increase in its diesel and gasoline prices next week, citing rebounding international crude oil prices.

It will be the fourth consecutive weekly hike in the company’s fuel prices and will take effect 1 a.m. Monday, amid an upturn in the global oil market.

With the NT$0.9 hike, prices at Formosa Petrochemical gas stations nationwide will rise to NT$18.3 per liter for super diesel.

Gasoline prices, meanwhile, will increase to NT$21.2 per liter for 92 octane unleaded, NT$22.7 per liter for 95 unleaded and NT$25 per liter for 98 unleaded, the company said.     [SOURCE]

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