Four hot spring destinations in Taiwan worth traveling for Chilling out in hot springs is one of the must-dos in Taiwan.

Taiwan News
Date: 2016/11/25
By: Wendy Lee , Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Chilling out in hot springs is one of the must-dos in Taiwan. While neighboring country Japan is often 58380ae604fb0touted for its many healing hot springs, Taiwan also possesses a great variety of springs, which puts the island on the list of world’s top 15 hot spring destinations by Travel King.

Home to over 100 hot spring spots and all with their unique characteristics, Taiwan is a great destination for hot spring lovers. The amazing natural springs is also one of the many reasons that keep visitors coming back to the island.

In fact, as winter lurks around the corner, now is the time to visit Taiwan. While the weather tends to be warm and dry this time of year, it is also the best season to enjoy the hot springs.

Here are the four major hot spring destinations in Taiwan that you won’t regret visiting.    [FULL  STORY]

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