Free download for popular Taiwan fruit calendar

Radio Taiwan International 
Date: 27 December, 2018
By:Natalie Tso

Free download for popular Taiwan fruit calendar

The Agriculture and Food Agency has put out a popular calendar featuring Taiwan’s fruit. As the calendar is so popular, they are now letting the public download the pictures for free here on their website.

Taiwan fruit: lush strawberries, juicy tangerines, delicious pineapples, are all a part of the new calendar put out by the Agriculture and Food Agency.  People just love the pictures of Taiwan’s delicious fruit.

Even the farmers ask for the calendar. They like to put it in their homes. They usually print 10,000 copies but that is not enough to meet demand.  Farmers say it is a great way to promote the fruit.

The fruit is organized by season so you can see what fruit is fresh and in season that month. The calendar is a great way to advertise local produce. Since they are so popular, the agency now has digital files available on their website. People can download the pictures of the delectable fruit for free.

Taiwan’s lychees,mangoes, dragon fruit are all on the calendar. It’s a great way to promote Taiwan’s fresh locally grown fruit.     [SOURCE]

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