Free Taiwan Party announces formation to promote independent nation


Formosa’s newest political party advocates independence for Taiwan.

The Examiner
Date: April 19, 2015

The Free Taiwan Party is Formosa’s newest political party. Launched April 17, the Free Taiwan Party has a distinct political message, the termination of control of the island by the Chinese Nationalist Party. Taiwan, as Formosa is now commonly called, remains under occupation since the end of World War II by the Republic of China in-exile under a Kuomintang administration. The United States is responsible for the unresolved international status of Taiwan created by US foreign policy priorities during the Cold War.

Aquia Tsay is the chief organizer of the new party. Aquia is a well-known and admired supporter of Taiwanese independence and has led numerous demonstrations and protests against ROC control of Taiwan. Encounters with the police have sent Aquia to the hospital several times. An advocate of non-violence, Aquia has refused to press charges against ROC police who have beaten him during his peaceful protests. A retired university professor, Aquia is a close friend of Su Beng, the island’s best known advocate for an independent Taiwan.

The announcement rally of the Free Taiwan Party was attended by a number of members of the Sunflower student movement and various civic and advocacy groups including the Alliance for Referendum for Taiwan. The formation of the party has been in the planning stages for several months but a decision to go forward was delayed until the Democratic Progressive Party made its position on Taiwan independence clear. Last week, the DPP nominated Tsai Ing-wen for her second bid for the ROC presidency. Tsai has said she supports the status quo and is expected to steer the DPP away from independence.     [FULL  STORY]

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