Frozen “Angel’s Tear”: Hikers vie for rare view

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 17 December, 2018
By: Andrew Ryan

Hikers are hoping to see snowy views of Chiaming Lake, known as “Angel’s Tear”, this winter. (Photo by Yu Hsin-chih)

Hikers are hoping to catch a rare glimpse of a Taiwanese lake known as the “Angel’s Tear” in the middle of winter. Every year the forestry authority closes the mountain that is home to what’s officially known as “Chiaming Lake” for four months at the beginning of the year to allow the area to “rest.”

But authorities have taken down the latest announcement of a closing that was set to begin in early 2019. That’s prompting hopes that forestry officials may allow hikers to a see the lake enshrouded in snow.

Hikers say there is merit to allowing the mountain to rest, considering it receives more than 20,000 visitors per year. However, they say that a more logical time to close the mountain would be in the spring when new life is emerging from the cover of snow.

At an altitude of 3,310 meters, Chiaming Lake is the second highest lake in Taiwan. In the Bunun language, it is called “cidanumas buan”, which means “Mirror of the moon”.

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