Fukushima food ban bad for Taiwan: Frank Hsieh

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2017-03-17

Taiwan’s ban on food imports from the Fukushima area of Japan may affect trade relations and damage Taiwan’s credibility. That’s the word from Taiwan’s representative to Japan, Frank Hsieh, on Thursday.

Taiwan banned food imports from Fukushima and four neighboring prefectures after the 2011 meltdown of a nuclear plant. Officials from Japan and Taiwan have since discussed the possibility of lifting the ban. However, public opinion in Taiwan remains strongly opposed. The topic is now considered too politically sensitive and officials have avoided it in recent meetings between the two sides.

Hsieh told Taiwan’s Central News Agency that the government has dragged its heels on the issue and that media coverage has been unfair. He said this will damage Taiwan’s credibility, especially with upcoming trade talks with the US. [FULL  STORY]

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