Gay Chinese woman lauds Taiwan as ‘land of enlightenment’

Lesbian Chinese student finds she is able to live as an openly gay person without fear of recrimination, unlike China

Taiwan News
Date: 2016/12/10
By: Central News Agency

A Chinese student in Taipei said Saturday that she has been able to come forward openly as a gay

Photo courtesy of Su(By Central News Agency)

person and a supporter of same-sex marriage since she came to Taiwan, because it is a “land of enlightenment” in terms of civil liberties.

Speaking to CNA at a rally in support of same-sex marriage, the woman who asked to be called Su He (蘇河) said she has been living her dream since she came to Taiwan as a student five years ago.

Su, who was at the rally with her Taiwanese partner, said she has been studying mass communication, observing press freedom, and living as an openly gay person in Taiwan without fear of recrimination, which would have been unlikely in China.

She said that before she came to Taiwan, she and all the other LGBT people she knew in her community in China had been “hiding in their own corners,” unwilling to come out to fight for their rights.    [FULL  STORY]

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