Gender equality survey reveals patriarchal values still prevalent in Taiwan

Asia One
Date: Sep 25, 2015
By: Stephanie Chao

TAIPEI – A survey regarding gender equality issues revealed that at least half of Taiwanese citizens still maintain the ideals that men have higher statuses than women in the society, announced the National Development Council (NDC).

At least 54 per cent of the interviewees believed that men hold higher status in the society than women, showing that the traditional value of “men are superior than women” still exists today, Deputy Director Wu Hsiu-chen of the Gender Equality Bureau of the Executive Yuan stated.

At least 30 per cent of the surveyed believe in gender equality, Wu stated. From a political issue standpoint, Taiwan’s women in politics stand at 33.9 per cent, which is much higher compared to numbers in countries such as the US, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. Wu admitted that Taiwan still has room for improvement, compared to Sweden and Denmark’s 40 per cent.

On gender issues regarding employment and family responsibilities, 33.2 per cent did not agree that men’s responsibility is to earn money, while women should concentrate on taking care of the family.     [FULL  STORY]

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