Georifters ‘Summer’s Over’ content update is available now

Date: Dec 12, 2020
By: Chris Camilleri

Global video game publisher Leoful and Taipei-based indie developer Busy Toaster Games, today have gifted another content update for their terrain bending adventure Georifters. Here is a breakdown on what’s on offer:

– This ain’t no cosplay, its new costumes!
Each one of the seven heroes of Georifters have got a whole new set of fun and wacky Winter Outfits and (much less appropriate for this time of year) Swimsuit themed costumes. Each costume piece can be unlocked by playing through the game normally and then purchased with earned crystals. And they can be mixed and matched with original costumes.

And as you can see for yourself some of these Swimsuits are just weirder than weird. Dr. Schnoz has taken up a deep sea exploration hobby, while Chief has brought his chocolate ice cream fixation to a whole new level. Lex just acquired his snorkeling license and is now chilling out doing his own thing. As usual. Whatever. Don’t miss out on these awesome seasonal themed costumes!    [FULL  STORY]

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