Government posthumously awards teacher killed in train accident

Radio Taiwan International 
Date: 08 November, 2018
By: Jake Chen

Lee Shih-han, teacher from Peinan Middle School who was killed in the Puyuma train accident

Lee Shih-han, a teacher from Peinan Middle School in Taichung, was posthumously awarded by the Ministry of Education on Thursday.

Lee was one of the 18 people who died in the Puyuma Express train derailment on October 21. The teacher was returning home along with her students after they participated in an exchange activity in South Korea.

The education ministry presented Lee’s parents with the award at their home and expressed their recognition of her contributions as a teacher. Lee’s parents said they simply hope the cause of the accident, as well as those responsible, can be identified soon.

So far, the investigation has not yielded any verdict.    [SOURCE]

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