Government promotes plan to build off-shore wind turbines

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-04-26

Vice-Economics Minister Yang Wei-fuu says that the government plans to build more wind turbines in the Taiwan Strait.

Yang was speaking Wednesday at the 2017 Europe-Taiwan Wind Energy Conference and Workshop. The government is promoting solar panels and off-shore wind turbines to reach its goal of meeting 20% of Taiwan’s energy needs with renewable sources. The government hopes to achieve this target by 2025, with wind power set to account for 3GW of output by that time.

Yang said the government has put in place a four-year plan that aims to attract turbine builders to scout for suitable locations for wind power. The plan also aims to develop these sites into economic zones. He said the plan could attract more than NT$540 billion (US$18 billion) in investment for the wind power sector.

Yang said that more infrastructures must be built in order to achieve the government’s plan. He said that 22 companies have so far applied to join the project.

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