Gov’t inspects price hikes brought on by revised labor law

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-01-07

The Cabinet-level Consumer Protection Committee is inspecting price hikes that have followed an amendment to Taiwan’s labor law.

The law now requires employers to give staff one mandatory day off every week. A second day off every week is negotiable. Staff who elect to work on negotiable days are entitled to overtime pay. Some business owners have complained that the new requirements raise their costs, and forced them to raise prices. But there are concerns that some businesses are taking advantage of the change in the law as an opportunity to increase profits.

In addition to looking at prices, the Consumer Protection Committee will also look into the cost structure at businesses that have decided to charge higher prices. However, the committee said Saturday that it is postponing a decision to invite several business owners to the Cabinet to explain recent increases in prices.

In a press release on Saturday, the Cabinet said that the business owners will be have the opportunity to give explanations of cost structures in writing. According to the press release, if the Cabinet is satisfied with that the information they have received is complete, business owners might not be asked to come to the Cabinet to explain price increases in person.    [SOURCE]

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