Group calls on Control Yuan members to resign

Taipei News
Date: Jun 27, 2017
By: Abraham Gerber / Staff reporter

The inaccurate application of the statute of limitations in a case of faulty forensic testimony demonstrates the Control Yuan’s ineptitude, lawyers associated with the Judicial Reform Foundation said yesterday in a protest outside the Control Yuan.

The foundation called for the resignation of Control Yuan members Lin Ya-feng (林雅鋒), Fang Wan-fu (方萬富) and Chiang Ming-chang (江明蒼), and Control Yuan Vice President Sun Ta-chuan (孫大川), who had refused to impeach Institute of Forensic Medicine section chief Shaw Kai-ping (蕭開平) on the grounds that the statute of limitations on his flawed 2007 testimony had expired.

Shaw, based on photographic evidence, testified in 2007 that the burns on the body of businessman Huang Chun-shu (黃春樹), who was kidnapped and murdered in 1995, were caused by sulfuric acid, overturning previous testimony that they were caused by a fire.

His testimony played a role in the conviction and sentencing to death of Hsu Tzu-chiang (徐自強), whose conviction was last year overturned by the Supreme Court, concluding a 20-year legal battle in which he received representation and assistance from the foundation.    [FULL  STORY]

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