Groups call for public Hoklo TV

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 19, 2017
By: Yang Chun-hui / Staff reporter

A coalition of civic groups yesterday urged the government to establish a Hoklo-language (also known

Civic groups hold a news conference in Taipei yesterday to discuss their demands for a Hoklo-language station as part of the public television system. Photo: Yang Chun-hui, Taipei Times

as Taiwanese) public television station to promote local culture and native language instruction.

Thirty-four groups led by the Taiwan Citizen Participation Association and the Taiwan Society called on the government not to ignore repeated calls for a station dedicated to Hoklo language and culture.

Although Hoklo is spoken by the majority of Taiwanese, the dominant media language is Mandarin, which hinders the development of Hoklo, Hakka and Aboriginal languages, the groups said.

While it is legitimate to prioritize the preservation of Hakka and Aboriginal languages with specialized media, the nation is gradually losing its Hoklo heritage and the language should also be protected, they said.    [FULL  STORY]

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