He saved the day with his red-hot Universiade commercial

The China Post
Date: June 13, 2017
By: The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — “Taipei in Motion”– have you seen this 1 minute, 38 second commercial? Last year’s

(Business Today)

wave of Universiade promotional films were homely and tainted by plagiarism allegations, turning Taipei City into a target for criticism. With the latest film, designer Liu Keng-ming (劉耕名) has offered some saving grace.

Inside BITO’s production studio, there is a wall, and built into the wall is a very long window. Just outside are Taipei City’s storied buildings, streets and roads. The global climate has been volatile in the past few years, with plum rain arriving late this June and sending water down like a bomb. Heavy rain rumbled from the skies, falling to the ground and forming countless rivulets and then reversing course and sputtering back toward the sky, so that the whole city became wet and raucous.

The rain is like a waterfall along the long window of the studio. Creative Director Liu, holding his head in his hands and staring intently outside, said, “This city is like a big aquarium.” It’s just an idle thought. Since we still need to take photographs of him, he takes care to change into a good-looking pair of shoes. Striking a fine pose, he looks back at the camera in the photographer’s hands and continues to turn over the matter with us: “To smile or not to smile? What would come off as more professional?”

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