High school students the latest victims of drug rings: police

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2017/04/04
By: Chiu Chun-chin and Lilian Wu

Taipei, April 4 (CNA) Drug rings have aggressively recruited “unknown third parties” to

(Photo courtesy of the police)

act as “mules” to transport drugs for them in recent years, and two high school students have become their latest prey, aviation police said Tuesday.

The two teenagers, both studying in night schools, were caught Sunday trying to smuggle drugs out of Taiwan in their check-in luggage, a more open approach than the typical tactics used by drug mules of strapping drugs to their body or hiding them to avoid detection.

The two teenagers, one 16 years old with the surname Chen and the other 19 with the surname Hu, intended to take a China Airlines flight bound for Auckland, New Zealand at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Sunday night.

But aviation police spotted suspicious objects in their check-in luggage, and found 3,393 grams and 3,439 grams of amphetamines — a category two narcotics — in the suitcases.    [FULL  STORY]

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