Historian warns of China and ‘united front’ tactics

HONG KONG LESSONS: Yu Ying-shih said that although Taiwanese elect their leaders and their scientific record is good, the nation’s democracy has not yet matured

Taipei Times
Date: Nov 23, 2019
By: Rachel Lin  /  Staff reporter

Taiwan is facing a formidable crisis as Beijing’s “united front” tactics penetrate society, Chinese-born

Chinese-American historian and Academia Sinica academician Yu Ying-shih yesterday delivers a recorded online lecture for National Chengchi University’s Luo Jialun International Sinology Seminar in this screen grab from the university’s Facebook page.
Screen grab from National Chengchi University’s Facebook account

American historian Yu Ying-shih (余英時) said yesterday in a recorded speech, urging people to resist Chinese infiltration by improving “humanistic learning.”

An Academia Sinica academician, the US-based historian and Sinologist’s speech, titled “From scientific democracy to humanistic democracy,” was for a Sinology forum named after Chinese historian Luo Jialun (羅家倫) at National Chengchi University in Taipei.

Noting the protests against Hong Kong’s extradition bill, which has been withdrawn, Yu said that high-school students and undergraduates are the group voicing the strongest objection to oppression by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Although Taiwanese society generally supports the protesters in their pursuit for democracy, other opinions are still heard, the 89-year-old said.    [FULL  STORY]

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