Historian Yu Ying-shih warns China is threat to democracy

Focus Taiwan
Date: 23019/05/04
By: Ozzy Yin and Elizabeth Hsu, CNA staff reporters

Chinese American historian Yu Ying-shih (余英時) believes the ideas of democracy and science have been carried out partially, even comprehensively, in Taiwan, but he cautioned the island to be wary of the Chinese Communist regime and to keep its democratic system intact.

China’s Communist regime is “the biggest threat Taiwan is faced with,” said the 89-year-old Yu in a recent interview with CNA at his residence in Princeton.

A Princeton University emeritus professor, Yu is regarded by his peers as the greatest Chinese intellectual historian of his generation.

He said that most ordinary people in Taiwan do not know the threat, and only think that Communist China is very rich and that Taiwan has to comprise with it to earn money.

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