Historic United States-Taiwan Arms Deal Scares China

U.S. and Taiwan agreed to a 62 billion USD arms deal that is worrying the Chinese Communist Party.

Panam Post
Date:  Aug 20, 2020
By: Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón

The agreement between the Trump administration and the government of Taiwan for the purchase of an F-16 fleet puts the Chinese regime on alert (EFE).

The Daily Caller published a story on the new agreement between the U.S. and Taiwan for the island nation to buy 90 F-16 fighters. According to the report, the contract states that Lockheed Martin, an American company specializing in space and military industries, will manufacture the fleets for ten years – the stipulated time of the agreement.

This agreement has a clear context and a couple of meta messages: one from the United States in support of Taipei, another from both countries towards the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since the latter has previously expressed concern about the negotiations of this American-Taiwanese agreement.

AFP revealed the information that the buyer is Taiwan. The Pentagon had already announced the sale of the 90 F-16 fleets, but the buyer had not been officially announced. According to the news agency, a source close to the purchase of the fleet leaked that Taiwan was the buyer.

The Asia Times also echoed the AFP revelation, adding a key piece of information: Taiwan had not purchased a fleet of the aircraft since 1992. The agreement is historic for many reasons, including the time it took to acquire these types of ships, as well as the delicate context of international relations between the Beijing-Washington-Taiwan triangle.   [FULL  STORY]

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