Hong Kong immigrant influx expected in Taiwan as China cracks down

More people in Hong Kong say they are ready to emigrate to Taiwan amid Beijing's new draconian security law. Taipei has laid out a welcome mat, but there is uncertainty over how many immigrants will be accepted.  

By: William Yang (Taipei)

Over the last year, Hong Kong-Taiwan relations have grown closer as both find themselves in the crosshairs of more aggressive policies from Beijing. On July 1, Beijing imposed a so-called national security law on Hong Kong, triggering a sense of urgency among many Hong Kongers who are now considering leaving and are looking for immigration destinations.  

Hong Kong is an autonomous Chinese territory under the principle of "one country, two systems," which recognizes Beijing's sovereignty while allowing the territory a level of civil and legal autonomy.

However, there is widespread concern that the new law puts that principle in jeopardy, and some experts consider it Beijing's final piece in the puzzle to fulfill "one country, one system" in Hong Kong.

The law criminalizes "subversion" against the Chinese government and "collusion" with foreign forces, along with having a wide interpretation of "terrorist activities."    [FULL  STORY]

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