Hong Kong independence advocates assaulted in Taipei

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Date: 2016/12/13

Hong Kong National Party (HKNP) convenor Andy Chan Ho-Tin (陳浩天) and spokesperson Jason

Photo Credit: Tyrone Siu / REUTERS / 達志影像

Chow Ho-Fai (周浩輝) were assaulted in Taipei on the evening of Dec. 12. The two were attacked as they were leaving the restaurant after an interview with members of a pro-China group. According to a statement released o

n the HKNP Facebook page, the attackers chanted “Taiwanese and Hong Kongese secessionists” and “Han traitors to the state” as they splashed coffee and water on the two members
The two politicians and their attackers were taken to the police department, but as Chan and Chow had to catch a flight back to Hong Kong, charges have not been pressed yet, Liberty Times reports. The police have also recorded the names of the attackers for future reference if Chan and 1Chow want to press charges, Liberty Times reports.

Chan and Chow are members of Hong Kong’s first pro-independence political party and were in Taipei to attend the Human Rights Day parade on Dec. 10, the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) reports. Speaking at the parade, they accused China of “colonizing” Hong Kong and Taiwan, HKFP reports, and they also spoke at a conference on human rights and self-determination in Asia.    [SOURCE]

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