Hong Kong Protests Fueling Taiwan Independence, Says Acclaimed Taiwanese Director

Epoch Times
Date: August 18, 2019
By: Nathan Su

Youth in Taiwan supporting Hong Kong protesters. (Curtesy of Chen Wen-Pin)

Santa Clara, Calif.—The mass protests in Hong Kong, which erupted amid widespread fears that a controversial extradition bill would erode the city’s autonomy from mainland China, are having an impact on Taiwan, said acclaimed film director and former head of Taiwan’s Changhua County Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chen Wen-pin on Tuesday, August 13.

Chen’s comments were made at a meetup event organized by Northern California Taiwan Forum (NCTF).

Many Hongkongers fear that the proposal, which would allow China to seek extradition of criminal suspects, would enable the Chinese regime to place individuals on trial in the mainland, where rule of law is not observed.

Though the bill has been suspended due to public pressure, Hongkongers are still turning out every weekend to demand that the government fully withdraw the bill; investigate the police’s use of force in dispersing protesters; and enact universal suffrage in the city’s elections.    [FULL  STORY]

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