How a EU-Taiwan partnership could ensure digital benefits for all

Clingendael Magazine
Date: 20 Aug 2020

This article has previously been published by the University of Notthingham.

The Covid-19 pandemic calls attention to the need for cooperation among like-minded partners that wish to uphold an open and inclusive cyber domain. The protection of digital freedom of speech, transparency and inclusiveness is at stake as governments resort to (sometimes intrusive) digital means to monitor and combat the coronavirus. At the same time, economic competitiveness in the digital age requires innovative approaches, as the US-China rivalry profoundly reshapes the global tech landscape and global governance. This is where Taiwan and the European Union (EU) have similar interests and stand to benefit from exchanging best practices.

These two partners share a fundamental interest in maintaining and furthering digital inclusiveness – an environment wherein everyone can contribute to and benefit from the digital economy and society – and a human-centred approach to digital governance at home and abroad. Shaping dynamics in this field requires that they cooperate, coordinate and strengthen synergies between their domestic and foreign policies in the digital domain, both defensive and offensive.    [FULL  STORY]

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