How Can We Transform Taiwan Into a Bilingual Country by 2030?

The Taiwanese government is determined to improve the country's English competency in the next decade. Beyond education, what kind of policy changes are necessary to facilitate the reform?

The News Lens
Date: 2019/09/12
By: Adam Hatch

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

As Taiwan develops its international presence, one of the biggest concerns is whether Taiwan and its people can communicate effectively with the English-speaking world and the larger international community.

To address this challenge, the National Development Council (NDC) and former Premier William Lai (賴清德) have proposed a “Bilingual Nation” initiative to make English acquisition and competency a priority in Taiwan.

A volunteer group called Alliance for a Globally-Oriented Taiwan (AGOT) has assembled to support the bilingual initiative as well as to consult and encourage Taiwan’s internationalization. AGOT is a group of business professionals and academics interested in helping Taiwan to become more competitive globally.

David Chang, the organizer for AGOT and CEO of Crossroads and Wordcorp, is leading the group to work with Dr. Louis Chen of Global Brands Management Association, National Taipei University of Technology, and a bipartisan group of legislators spearheaded by Legislator Karen Yu (余宛如).

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