How Social Media Fuels Taiwan’s Growing Café Culture

Can Taiwan’s trendiest cafés surge to the top of a competitive market by attracting Instagram influencers?

The News Lens
Date: 2018/10/05
By: Sonia Su, Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine

Credit: Reuters / TPG

With the proliferation of cafés in Taiwan in recent years, proprietors have been looking for ways to make their shops stand out from the rest.

Besides offering single-origin coffee, more and more cafés are dedicating space to displaying premium, handcrafted goods for sale. Many are going beyond the cutesy style of animal-themed cafés that might be deemed the “made for Instagram” business model, and instead are offering a tasteful environment that is also uniquely Taiwanese.

One of the many Taipei neighborhoods to find such trendy shops is the area around the Liuzhangli MRT Station. Customers appreciate the minimally stylish furnishings and cutlery used at the Taimo Café, as well as the fashionable stationery and patterned hats sold at the Beatnik Café (shown below).    [FULL  STORY]

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