How Taiwan Can Move on From Corrupt Politics of the Past

Taiwan Insight
Date: 30 November 2020
By: Milo Hsieh.

Image credit: IMG_8633 by Jimmy Yao/Flickr, license CC BY-NC 2.0

Corruption in Taiwan has been a significant issue since the democratisation in Taiwan. In the early years of Taiwan’s democracy, this was a major issue for politicians in all political parties. 

Despite numbers and figures showing that Taiwan has been working well to root out corruption amongst its bureaucracy and politics, high-level corruption and illicit deals between politicians and the business community continues to Taiwanese politicians.

Even though Taiwan has several laws aimed at preventing corruption, such as its campaign contribution laws and lobbying laws, a culture of corruption still exists at the local level. Moreover, high-level corruption has implicated legislators of all major political parties.

How exactly can Taiwan push away corruption as a rapidly developing democracy, in the context of a past marked by corruption?    [FULL  STORY]

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