How this Taipei City nightclub is breaking barriers, one party at a time

Financial Express
Date: November 29, 2020
By: fe Features

Today, technology has changed how individuals with disabilities work.

The needs of people with disabilities are often overlooked and the pandemic has only made this worse. But now, small steps are being taken to rectify the situation

People with autism now have a cool place to hang out in Taipei City in Taiwan, as the nightclub Chess Taipei has started hosting events for them. For one party, guests were given masks and guided by an instructor to dance the night away. About 30 people showed up at the club, which is for people aged 18 and above. Tsai Ping-kun, the deputy mayor of Taipei, called the event the first of its kind in Asia. “The reason we are doing this is because of an important belief,” Ping-kun told Associated Press. “The belief in equal rights. Each person should have the opportunity and the right to use all kinds of facilities in this city.”

The needs of people with disabilities are often overlooked. And the pandemic has only made things worse. In fact, a majority of the population may have experienced by now what it feels to be socially excluded and isolated. Needless to say, it’s imperative that activities and community events are organised for those living in solitary confinement, so that they can meet like-minded people.

Adam Yi is one of the organisers of the Chess Taipei initiative through the charity he volunteers with called Sport and Recreational Activity Association for People with Autism. Yi was already looking for something like this and now he’s a part of creating it. The chairman of the organisation, Lee Tong-lin, found the event to be moving. “This is helpful for people with autism, very helpful,” Tong-lin told Associated Press. “As you might have seen, they were all pretty excited when dancing. They were very happy, and they were interacting with each other.”

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