Huang An Should Suffer Consequences Over Tzuyu Issue

Date: January 16, 2016
By:  The Publisher of Eye On Taiwan

Let me state up front that I am not a Taiwanese resident or citizen.  However, I respect and support the free and independent citizens of Taiwan.

I read about a 16 year old teenager Chou Tzuyu who was recently harassed by

her record company for displaying her country’s national flag.  She was coerced into apologizing to the Chinese people for doing it.


Huang An

What upset me most was what a 53 year old Taiwanese singer did to her.  The singer is Huang An.  He lives in Communist, dictatorial China and is apparently very popular there.  He apparently blew ms. Tzuyu in to her record company by protesting her actions.  Tzuyu was criticized by Huang An (黃安), who is based in China and has gained an online following there partly because of his strong stance against Taiwan independence.

Huang questioned why Tzuyu had not commented on the Taiwanese media reports, and referred to her as a supporter of Taiwan independence.

In a microblog on Sina Weibo, Huang urged his fans to stand against “anyone endorsed by Taiwanese independence supporters.”

In my opinion Huang An should be barred from ever returning to Taiwan even to attend a family funeral.  Furthermore, his passport and Taiwanese citizenship should be revoked immediately.  I hope that people will boycott his Mother’s restaurant in Taiwan.  He must learn that there are consequences for his disloyal actions to his country.  He should be reminded that many soldiers died so he could have the privilege to live in a free democratic country.  I say shame on him for he is a traitor.


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