Hung Hsiu-chu vows to lead united KMT to victory

Want China Times
Date: 2015-06-11
By: CNA and Staff Reporter

Hung Hsiu-chu, the deputy speaker of Taiwan’s Legislature and a candidate for the ruling

Hung Hsiu-chu, June 10 (Photo/CNA)

Hung Hsiu-chu, June 10 (Photo/CNA)

Kuomintang’s presidential nomination, stressed Wednesday her will to lead the KMT to victory in next year’s election and said that “her strategy for winning is to unite the party on the right path.”

The party of the unpopular Ma Ying-jeou administration is at present so riven by factions and paralyzed by its defeat in last year’s local elections that Hung is the only candidate to have put herself forward, with all the party’s chief heavyweights declining to register for the primary.

In the only campaign presentation arranged by the KMT Central Standing Committee, the only candidate qualified to run in the KMT’s presidential primary also said that if elected, she would sign a cross-strait peace agreement.

If elected, Hung said, she would make the care of the underprivileged one of her main pillars. She said she would follow the “four gives” — giving people confidence, happiness, hope and convenience.     [FULL  STORY]

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