Husband, 63, hacks his wife to death in Taiwan after she made fun of him not being able to get an erection

Chang Yi-hisn, who suffers from erectile dysfunction, faces life in jail In botched suicide attempt he tried to flatten himself under a garage door Rang fire brigade to free him – but failed to mention he’d murdered his wife When asked if he lived alone he told rescuers: ‘Oh, I also stabbed my wife’

Daily Mail
Date: 31 March 2015
By Elaine O’flynn For Mailonline

A husband hacked his wife to death with a meat cleaver after she made fun of him for not

being able to get an erection.

Chang Yi-hsin flew into a rage at the couple’s family home in Yunlin, west Taiwan, after his wife Lin Yue-gui ridiculed his use of Viagra.

During the argument the 59-year-old told her husband, 63, that the only thing his penis was good for was going to the toilet.

Chang Yi-hsin, who suffers from erectile dysfunction, butchered his wife with a meat cleaver when she ridiculed him for his condition during an argument. He is pictured with her blood splattered over his feet.

Chang attempted to hide the murder weapon by throwing it away. After murdering his wife and leaving her in a pool of blood in their living room he tried to commit suicide by flattening himself under his garage door    [FULL  STORY]

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