‘I am Taiwanese’: Czech Senate head

DUTY: Legislative bodies must defend democratic principles, Milos Vystrcil said, adding that Prague would not follow the orders of non-democratic nations, referring to China

Taipei Times
Date: Sep 02, 2020
By: Sean Lin / Staff reporter

Czech senate president Milos Vystrcil, left, receives a certificate for an award before delivering a speech at the main chamber of the Legislative Yuan in Taipei yesterday.

Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil yesterday said that he is “Taiwanese,” as Taiwan and the Czech Republic share the common goal of defending democratic values.

Speaking at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei, Vystrcil began his speech by comparing the differences between the Czech and Taiwanese parliaments, with the former bicameral and the latter unicameral.

Although this would inevitably raise the question of which system works better, he said he believes there is not a single system that would be the best or would suit all nations, as countries in a free and democratic world have different criteria for functional democracy.

However, all legislative bodies in functional democratic systems uphold human life as the highest value, he added.    [FULL  STORY]

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