I-Mei begins contract farming for healthy crops with Southern Taiwan growers

I-Mei Foods CEO Luis Ko and Pingtung County magistrate Pan Men-an work together to better the lives of native Taiwanese in Pingtung and the health of Taiwanese consumers

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/04/11
By: Sophia Yang, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

PINGTUNG (Taiwan News) – Global trade has been blamed for local job losses and

(By Taiwan News)

decreases in local crop diversity and the situation worries a Taiwanese food giant. Known for its strong dedication to food safety, I-Mei Foods has also delved into the procurement of agricultural produce from local farmers in recent years and, furthermore, is partnering with indigenous farmers in Pingtung County to procure fresh red quinoa without a middleman so as to guarantee farmers a decent and stable income.

In a contract signing ceremony held on Tuesday in Pingtung, I-Mei Foods CEO Luis Ko wore native costumes and was warmly greeted with a dance by Taiwanese indigenous children living in Sandimen Township, Pingtung County. In his opening speech, Ko confessed that he couldn’t speak any of the island’s indigenous languages, though he has been living on the island for decades and has native Taiwanese ancestry.

Several battles over the past centuries and prolonged socioeconomic disadvantages shattered native Taiwanese confidence. Invited to attend the signing ceremony aimed to help native Taiwanese financially through contract farming, Deputy Minister of Council of Indigenous People Iwan Nawi said she was glad to see more support from local conglomerates and urged the native Taiwanese to work together and have more confidence in themselves.    [FULL  STORY]

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