If Chinese Troops Land, The Taiwanese Army Would Send Its New Joint Battalions Onto The Beach

Date: Aug 14, 2020
By: David Axe, Contributor

Taiwanese troops during an annual Han Kuang exercise.

If China invades Taiwan and succeeds in establishing a beachhead along the main island’s southwestern plain, Taipei’s defense strategy calls on the army to surround and destroy the Chinese landing force before it can break out.

The battle would be chaotic. Chinese troops undoubtedly would target the command links between Taiwanese army brigades and their front-line battalions, hoping to confuse and paralyze counterattacking forces.

To give its formations the best possible chance of defeating a Chinese lodgement, the Taiwanese army is reorganizing. The service is standing up dozens of new battalions combining drones, missiles, armored vehicles and, in the near future, American-made M-1 tanks.

Most importantly, the battalions would be independent. Meaning they could continue fighting even after Chinese troops cut them off from their higher headquarters.    [FULL  STORY]

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