Implementing ‘one country, two systems’ arrangement with Taiwan a serious challenge: Chinese scholars

Chinese experts concluded experience with Hong Kong could not be directly applied in Taiwan

Taiwan News
Date:[ 2019/04/10
By: Ryan Drillsma, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Chinese scholars met in Shanghai today to discuss the “Taiwan plan.” (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Implementing a “one country, two systems” arrangement in Taiwan would be a serious challenge for China, said Chinese scholars at a “Taiwan plan” forum in Shanghai on Wednesday (April 10).

Over 20 experts attended “Xi Jinping’s National Unification Discussion and ‘Two Systems’ Taiwan Plan” conference, convened by the Shanghai Institute for East-Asia Studies and the Hong Kong Cross-Strait Think Tank Association.

The scholars concluded that Beijing’s experience with Hong Kong could not be used to shape its policy towards Taiwan, according to Central News Agency. Prior to the 1997 sovereignty transfer, “one country” was never a problem for Hong Kong, they said, whereas both major political parties in Taiwan insist on sovereignty.

Beijing needs to confront how its “indisputable” sovereignty can, in the face of Taiwan’s existing legal institutions and military, respond to the diverse voices of support for independence in democratic Taiwan, said one scholar. Without a specific plan, they said, implementing “one country, two systems” is a worthless idea.    [FULL  STORY]

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