In Taiwan, finding a place to dispose garbage is harder than finding the money to do it

The China Post
Date: August 10, 2017
By: The China Post with Business

A “Garbage War” raging for the better part of a year is finally dying down in Yunlin,

(Business Today)

with 30,000 tons of waste piled in the Central Taiwan county now being gradually sent to incinerators in other counties and cities.

But it was only Yunlin’s most recent trash trouble, which has continually arisen over the past three years.

Lin Cheng-jou, head of the county’s Environmental Protection Bureau, sighs and explains: “The problem with garbage is like an amoeba: it breaks out every once in a while in a new form. Even now, we’ve only given it a temporary fix.”

There are currently 24 waste incinerators operating in Taiwan, capable of processing 6.5 million tons of garbage every year. The country produces around 4.3 million tons of waste annually, so these incinerators should be more than enough to handle it all.

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